Arm Waves are the ‘bees knees’ for Miami Carnival

Arm Waves are the ‘bees knees’ for Miami Carnival

Miami Carnival means music, dancing, costumes and most of all– flags.

Revellers come from all over the country and world to enjoy the festivities and play mas.

Masqueraders can be often seen waving their flags representing all the islands in the Caribbean. But those flags can end up lost in the excitement and crowd of carnival. The sticks can be hazardous as well to other masqueraders.

Now there is an easier way to represent your country at carnival. Arm Waves are arm sleeves, that are transformable, so instead of the hassle of holding a flag masqueraders can wear them.


Arm Waves are customizable, so revellers have the option to design them to match their costumes.

Customizable arm wave

Non-masqueraders can also use Arm Waves to accessorize themselves to represent their  country and also transformating an ordinary ensemble to a patriotic look.

Nikki Z at Reggae Sumfest

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