Backlash after empty promises at Ecips Music Festival

Backlash after empty promises at Ecips Music Festival

Dozens of fans took to social media to express their outrage after the major headliners for a music festival in New York did not perform.

The Ecips Music Festival promised performances by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Remy Ma, Akon, Elephant Man and mostly anticipated, Alkaline.

But not one of the big acts performed.

According to festival goers, the show ended abruptly right before the headliners were about to come on stage.

“Ms. Kitty said they had to end the show, and then she said you all want Alkaline?” said a festival goer, who only wanted to referred to by her first name, Si.

The show started three hours late, there were 20-minute breaks in between the smaller acts, but according to Si, she believed it was all to kill time.

Si lashed out on the Instagram account for the Ecips festival, “No Elephant man, Remy Ma, Akon, Alkaline…Give us our money back!!!”

Other fans and audience members followed suit asking for specific amounts of money back.

Tasha Mack said she believes if the event was hosted by a group from a different culture it wouldn’t have happened.

“It’s absolutely a disgrace that people think that they can treat their own kind this way in such a day and age,” she said.

Sparkle Pierre said she was excited to attend the event to see Alkaline, but instead it was a waste of her time.

Alkaline’s performance seem to be the ┬ámost popular one with the young, female crowd, who tend to used social media the most.

The dancehall artist used his Instagram page to reach out to fans to let them know he made it to New York, but he will not be performing.

Check it out here.

The post got over 800 comments from fans who said they waited hours in line in the heat and other fans who are anticipating see him in other cities.

There was no mention of the Ecips festival on Remy Ma’s page on Sunday, but she did appear in promotional videos for the event last month. Akon made a post the day prior.

Check it out here.

The post was later removed.

Elephant man also stated that he was in New York and ready for the show, he later posted an apology to his fans that was removed.

Good morning new York the park a go mad to day

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VIDEO: Elephant Man apologizes.

Update: Suda Joy has recently confirmed that she was the promoter for the festival and spoke out to New York radio personality Chin, on the Sound Chat Radio show about the mix up. She apologized to the patrons and cited insurance issues with Akon, Alkaline’s extension financial demands, conflict with New York Police Department and lack of funds.

“I take full responsible for whatever went wrong,” said Joy.

Joy promised ticket holders a free event. She also stated that Alkaline owes her a free performance because she wired his team the full payment of $75,000. Once the Alkaline and his team arrived demanded the same money in cash. Joy has threatened to take legal action.

Listen to the interview here:

Here is a video of Suda Joy in 2013:

A Facebook page for the Ecips festival started this year, and in early promotions advertised soca artist Denise Belfor as a performer. Many disgruntled ticket holders took to the page to voice their opinions also. Tickets for the event ranged from $70 to $250.