Caribbean MLS players paid the least

Caribbean MLS players paid the least

Major League Soccer players from the Caribbean are among the lowest paid in the league, according to Trinidad Express. Not one of the 20 players from the Caribbean has received close to $1 million as a seasonal salary for 2017. The highest paid Caribbean player, England-born Jamaica international Simon Dawkins, will make $800,000 in 2017, however the fifth highest player, Jamaican Darren Mattocks will make a little over $316, 000.

“I think when it comes to the Caribbean player, it is all about mar­ket value perception,”said Damani Ralph, a Jamaica- born agent and former MLS player.

“People will only offer you what you will accept. We have a right to say no to an offer, but if we say no, where else do we go? That is the problem for the Caribbean player.”

Read the full story from Trinidad Express.

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