Remembering Marcus Garvey

Remembering Marcus Garvey

Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. was the most bombastic civil rights activist of all times.

Garvey took things several notches higher than most activists of his time. His platform inspired other activists such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Nation of Islam. He was the motivator behind the Pan-African and black nationalist movements and his actions inspired the Rastafarian movement.

Born on August 17, 1887 in Jamaica, Garvey got his first taste for activism during a strike from his job as a printer’s apprentice. He later went on to become a newspaper editor and journalist who wrote about mistreated migrant workers in Central America.

His activism continued to grow as he furthered his education at the University of London’s Birkbeck College and worked for the African Times and Orient Review, which advocated Pan-African nationalism.

Garvey returned to Jamaica in 1912 and started the Universal Negro Improvement Association aiming to unite all of African diaspora to “establish a country and absolute government of their own.” U.N.I.A expanded to several countries and had 4 million members.

In 1919, Garvey launched the Black Star Line, a shipping company that would establish trade and commerce between Africans in the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa. He also started the Negros Factories Association, a group of manufacturing companies that would cater and bring profit to the African Diaspora communities.

Garvey was mostly remembered for lobbying for people of American heritage to be repatriated back to Africa, but with strong economic, social and political ties dubbed Garveyism.

Garvey’s contributions are on display at Organization of American States’ Hall of Heroes in Washington, D.C.Ghana named its shipping line the Black Star Line and its national soccer team, in honor of the civil right activist.

He will also be honored locally today.

The Lauderdale Lakes City Council endorsed the 2017 Marcus Garvey Rootz Extravaganza on July 25  at its City Commission meeting.Today will be Marcus Garvey Appreciation Day in the City of Lauderdale Lakes.

(L-R) Vice Mayor Veronica Edwards Phillips, Commissioner Beverly Williams, Ras I. Jabulani Tafari, Lauderdale Lakes Mayor Hazelle Rogers, Priest Douglas Smith, Commissioner Sandra Davey, Commissioner Gloria Lewis
(Photo Credit Marna Mobley)

The 20107 Marcus Garvey Rootz Extravaganza celebrating the 130th anniversary of Marcus Garvey’s birth, takes place at the Lauderdale Lakes Educational & Cultural Center, 3850 West Oakland Park, Lauderdale Lakes.

The birthday celebration starts at 7.00 p.m. and runs until 10.00 p.m. There is no charge for admission.

The specially invited Guest Speaker for the event will be Garvey scholar and University of the West Indies professor, Dr. Rupert Lewis. The evening’s entertainment will be highlighted by Kristine Alicia, Eugene Gray and Revalation.