WZPP Radio is moving

WZPP Radio is moving

After instruction from the Federal Communication Commission WZPP is moving its frequency to 96.1 FM.

The FCC has allowed this move because of the continued interference from another broadcaster on the current frequency.

 Even though we are moving to a new frequency, all of the content will remain exactly the same. The call letters of WZPP will remain the same as well as the DJ and hosts on the station.

On Sunday July 23, 2017 we will be going live on 96.1 FM, and we will broadcast 24 hours a day on 96.1 FM.

For those listeners who have supported WZPP from day one we thank you and invite you to continue to hear WZPP on 96.1 FM.  The first few days of broadcasting may not be perfect because our broadcast engineer is going to be running tests, but we assure you that all issues will be resolved within the first few days.

Please take the time to tell all of your friends about this move and we look forward to serving our community on WZPP on 96.1 FM.