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This is news for Tuesday, May 5

Trump Cheers on Governors Even as They Ignore White House Coronavirus Guidelines in Race to Reopen READ FULL STORY

Judge Calls for Investigation into Whether McConnell Pressured Judge to Retire READ FULL STORY

Florida Sheriff Defends Keeping Childhood Shooting a Secret READ FULL STORY

Five Days After Reopening, South Beach Park Closes as Crowds Defy Face Mask Order  READ FULL STORY

From the Caribbean…

Andrews Deal Stays READ FULL STORY

$822 million return bill, repatriating 5,000 Could Hit Taxpayers Hard READ FULL STORY

This is news for Wednesday, May 6

Rick Bright Former Top Vaccine Scientist Files Whistle Blower Complaint READ FULL STORY

World Leaders Pledge $8 billion to Fight COVID-19, U.S. Skips Meeting READ FULL STORY

Driver Flees Scene After Deadly Hit and Run Crash in Miami READ FULL STORY

From the Caribbean

Health Official Denies Losing COVID- 19 Test Sample READ FULL STORY

No Bailout for Private School READ FULL STORY

15 -year old Creates CSEC Resource Website READ FULL STORY

This is news for Thursday, May 7

Former CDC Official Warns of Second COVID-19 Wave, Most Americans are Still Susceptible READ FULL STORY

Trump Vetoes Bill to Limit Military Powers Against Iran, Calling it Very Insulting READ FULL STORY

April Jobs Data to Show Epic Losses, Souring Unemployment READ FULL STORY

Student Files Class Action Lawsuit Demanding Refunds for College Campus Activities READ FULL STORY

Man Stopped from Shopping at Miami-Beach Publix for Not Wearing Mask Goes on Explicit Rant READ FULL STORY

From the Caribbean

8-year-old Denham Town Girl Shot Dead After Tivoli Boy Murdered READ FULL STORY

Expert: Curve Flattening but Spread Risk Clear READ FULL STORY

This is news for Friday, May 8

Former Georgia Police Officer and His Son Arrested in The Death of Ahmaud Arbery READ FULL STORY

CDC Guidance for Reopening Schools, Child Care and Summer Camps Is Leaked READ FULL STORY

Miami Physician Dies of Complications with Coronavirus READ FULL STORY

Broward Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher Who Died of COVID-19 was Mother of four READ FULL STORY

From the Caribbean…

Man Arrested in Connection with Shooting Deaths of West Kingston Children READ FULL STORY

Double murder in Ocho Rios, St Ann READ FULL STORY